Past Conferences:

Does God Believe in Human Rights? London, 2005 

Terrorism and Human Rights November 2005, International Institute for Strategic Studies

Foreign Policy and Human Rights September 2006, International Institute for Strategic Studies

Reparations for Victims of Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes: Systems in Place and Systems in The Making March 2007, Peace Palace, The Hague

International Development and Foreign Policy November 2007, International Institute for Strategic Studies, Includes lectures by Sir General Rupert Smith and Rolf Ekéus

Reparations for Victims of Human Rights Abuses and Prosthetic Services Chester, November 2008

Freedom of Expression and the Media April 2009, International Institute for Strategic Studies

Book Launch - The Changing Face of Religion and Human Rights January 2010, King’s College, London

Myanmar or Burma: Can the West Help? September 2009, Grand Committee Rooms, House of Commons

Maternal Mortality, Human Rights and Accountability September 2010

Transitional Justice: The Law and Practice of Rehabilitation in Domestic Administrative Reparation Programmes Essex 2012

Clemens Nathan has also given lectures at West Point and Penn State University, USA