Myanmar or Burma: Can the West Help?

 Terrorism and Human Rights

 Foreign Policy and Human Rights

 International Development and Foreign Policy

 Reparations and Prosthetics

Does God Believe in Human Rights?

How to Complain to the UN Human Rights Treaty System

For the Sake of Humanity

The Changing Face of Religion and Human Rights

Current Issues in Human Rights and International Law

Reparations for Victims of Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity

Racism and Human Rights

Words into Action


Maternal Mortality, Human Rights and Accountability


In September 2010, the CCJO and the Clemens Nathan Research Centre organised a colloquium in Strasbourg on La parole, l’écrit et l’action. Eminent professors of international law, President Hans-Gert Poettering and Mme Catherine Trautmann, members of the European Parliament and key figures in European institutions and in the International Committee of the Red Cross, addressed the issue of how to compel a State to uphold the commitments it has made with respect to Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. This book brings together those papers. At the same event a presentation of the René Cassin medal was made to Hans-Gert Poettering by Clemens Nathan.

London: CN Research Publications, 2011

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